7 March 2014

Sexual behavior survey

© Boris Akhunov | Dreamstime.com
A friend of mine recently asked me to help with a research study she is doing for her PhD thesis. The study is about sexual behavior and equity between genders and is based on several surveys. The first survey is online at this address: http://kwiksurveys.com/app/rendersurvey.asp?sid=067jdquxkg0ppvo317619&refer=

If you have about 2-3 minutes, please take the time to complete the survey. Also, if you want to help even more with this study, please spread the word. You can share this post or the survey page with your friends so as much data as possible is gathered.

Thank you!

16 December 2013

Robert Plant live on stage

Artist Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) live on stage during a concert in Bucharest, Romania.

14 December 2013

Water and boats landscape

Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, on the south-western coast of Republic of Ireland. Deserted fishing boats floating lonely at sunset.

20 September 2013

Barcelona city panorama

Panoramic photo of Barcelona city with city center and port Vell. Images for this panorama were shot from mount Montjuic.

26 June 2013

Sagrada Familia statues

Sculpture from the group of the Calvary and The Crucifixion (Passion facade)
 Since yesterday 25th of June, was the anniversary of the birthday of the great architect Antoni Gaudi, I decide to post a photograph celebrating his amazing work.