20 May 2015

Swiss panoramic landscape at Vevey

Lake Geneva (Leman) panorama at Vevey, Switzerland
On the shores of lake Geneva (or lake Leman) lies the beautiful little town of Vevey. It is a charming place, peaceful and serene with a nice view at the lake and the Alps mountains (see here).

7 May 2015

Aerial view of Prague city

Charles bridge in Prague

The most famous bridge in Prague and roofs of the buildings from the old city center. The construction of this beautiful bridge started in 1357, so it has quite a respectable age! It is 621 meter long and it is decorated with proximately 30 statues (never counted them precisely!).

16 December 2013

14 December 2013

Water and boats landscape

Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, on the south-western coast of Republic of Ireland. Deserted fishing boats floating lonely at sunset.

20 September 2013

Barcelona city panorama

Panoramic photo of Barcelona city with city center and port Vell. Images for this panorama were shot from mount Montjuic.